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Sushi Conveyor Belt

Yummo & Grand Prize

Team Name: Tiny Tipsy Tea Party

Participants: Elyssa Siegel, Darlene Siegel, Nikki Weber, Annie Marcotte, Rachel Siegel, Staci Weber, Jonathan Sclarsic, Helen Maurer, Richard Siegel


If you "Fancy a cuppa?" [said in your best British accent], then the Tiny Tipsy Tea Party at the Small Foods Party was your best option. The bakers and tea masters served up a little tea party with bite-sized sandwiches (cucumber & spinach cream cheese on pita and Brie & raspberry jam on pumpernickel), scones, desserts (eclair, fruit tart, meringue, and chocolate petit-four), and, of course, tea! Each bountiful serving was presented on an individual double-decker serving platter

Golden Toothpick Award

Team Name: Kuru Kuru Sushi-ko

Participants: Dana Brenner (head chef), Karthik Chidambaranathan, Emily Dolbin, Robert Holder, Ruby Holder, Grace Kim, Andrew Kim, Joanna Meade, Mark Malloy, Shruti Rane, Robyn Vance, and Megan Welling.

A real conveyor belt with the smallest hand-made sushi, offered along with dram of sake or green tea. Six different kinds of sushi were served atop colorful plates made from rice crackers: anchovy, smoked salmon, pickled plum roll, vegetable roll, corn-mayo, and egg-yakitamago. Each serving came with pickled ginger and wasabi, a mini-cup of miso soup, & teeny triangles of sweet bean mochi.


Blue Plate Special

Team Name: Balteenymore Medical Center (Pharma to Table)

Participants: Nancy Schoenfeld, Mike Barr, Esther Barr, Kurt Barr, Craig Schoenfeld, Paul Worley, Elise Worley

The hospital food you've been dreaming of: for starters, a liquid diet consisting of shots of cranberry juice and broth, progressing to pudding with a graham cracker and jello, and finally a regular diet of Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll with butter. The hospital was staffed by Dr. Kutemup, head of surgery, Nurse Prudence Enema, head of nursing, and Ms. Utterly Hartliss, CEO. The patient was Zero Muffett, who was admitted for an itsy-bitsy spider bite.

Bright Idea

Team Name: Smalltimore Air 

Participants: Julia Wainger, Michael Bell, Jeremy Applebaum, Orit Abrahim, Ruoxi Yu, Jennifer Qin, Ahmed Eltahir, Tiffany Brocke, Yuhui Pang, Haley Buddigan

Smalltimore Air offers flights to tiny venues across our city, like Federal Lil', Minute Vernon, Petite-erson Park, & Harbor Least. Passengers may choose from their choice of curry chicken with rice or pasta with a rich tomato sauce. The meal is accompanied by a side salad, fruit salad, biscoff cookie, and dinner roll. The tray itself is edible, as Smalltimore Air is committed to sustainability. The airline also offers a full beverage service. Smalltimore Air: It won't take you far, but it'll get you there! 


Team Name: Wat'sGoin' On (Ethiopian Platter)

Participants: Martine Richards & Leanna Powell

A  vegetarian  platter celebrating Ethiopian cuisine featuring  seven homemade dishes. A 2.5" base of injera flatbread was topped with itty bitty dollops of misir wat (spicy red lentil stew), ye'abesha gomen (collard greens with spiced butter), kik alicha wat (mild split pea stew), iybe (seasoned buttermilk curds), sils wat (spicy tomato stew), key sir (mild roasted beets), and tikil gomen (mild cabbage, carrots, and potatoes).

Bad Idea

Team Name: Milk, Milk, Lemonade: An Integrative Health Syste

Participants: Margaret Hart,  Matt Barinholtz, Shanna Dell

A syringe packed with fudge, lemonade in specimen cup, and two flavors of milk in a tiny baby bottle. Getting your labs done has never tasted so good!


Kids Competition

Team Name: E Squared

Participants: Ellie McGinley and Ester Rehak


The winning team made Pink Lemonade Cupcakes. The cake was lemon and the icing was raspberry buttercream. Each tiny treat included a lemon slice and tiny straw on top for decoration. Although they have been baking their whole lives, it was Ellie's & Esther's their first time competing.

Judges Award

Team Name: Hindukush Bazaar

Participants: Sarah Strahorn, Uta Larkey, Soheila Ghaussy, Clarence Orsi,  Abby Brackins


A full menu of Afghan delights starting with a tiny vegetarian leek-filled dumpling with a tomato sauce, yogurt and mint (Aushak), tiny lamb and beef kabab served with onion curry on mini versions of homemade Afghan Nan (Nan-e-Barbari wa Kabab), a dollop of pistachio pudding (Firni), and to round it off as is customary in Persian cultures, cardamom tea (Tchai).

Tiny Tipsy Tea Party


Sushi Conveyor Belt


Balteenymore Medical Center


Smalltimore Air


Ethiopian Platter



Pink Lemondae Cupcakes

Hindu Kush Bazaar 3.jpg

Hindukush Bazaar

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