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International Award & Grand Prize

Entry: Little India


Mannat Malik, Baldeep Dhaliwahl, Akshay S, Scott Albert, Mannat Malik

In the custom of Langar, a free meal served daily at Sikh places of worship to all visitors, regardless of religion, race, caste, gender, or economic status, the chefs of Littlest India presented custom-designed and 3D-printed compostable tiny thali,or serving trays full of lamb seekh kabob, paneer (cheese), roti (bread), mint chutney, and adessert of gulab jamun (fried dough ball soaked in rose water and syrup). Traditional chai and lassie, rounded out the meal and were served in miniature thimbles to an astounded group of attendees who were mesmerized as they awaited their tiny Indian dinners by a video of the thali being printed.

Golden Toothpick Award

Entry: B'More Berger Bites

Patricipants: Asha Storm, Faith Lee Sentz, Michael Storm


These meticulous chefs astounded judges and attendees alike with the TINIEST BERGERS COOKIES WE’VE EVER SEEEN (and we’ve seen some tiny ones). The B’more Berger Bites were presented in meticulously-wrapped and microscopically-printed ‘retail’ packaging for guests to enjoy in imposed moderation.

Yummo Award

Entry: Teeny Weeny Arancini

Paticipants:  Teeny Weeny Arancini  

Chef Mel created a culinary contradiction with this year’s Teeny Weeny Arancini, a Parmesan risotto with fire-braised vegetables, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers. The Arancini was breaded, deep-fried and served over roasted garlic romesco sauce, and though diminutive, it delighted attendees with its outsized flavor.

Bright Idea

Entry: Small of America 

Paticipants: Jacob Oates, Susanna Gieske, Zach Gieske, Amelia Jamison

Who doesn’t love a little trip to the mall? The chefs of Small of America shrunk the culinary delights of the Great American Food Court down to size with a dazzling presentation of such classics as Bucket o-Boardwalk Fries, Orange Julius, Greasy Slice of Pizza, and two types of Panda Express take out.

Bad Idea

Nailed It

Participants: Christian Mortlock, Sarah Bowen


Oh, how do we describe this Bad Idea category-winning show-stopper? These clever chefs designed and presented an *ahem* rather unrecognizable Cheeto-headed cake pop effigy of a certain political character in the style of the popular cooking show Nailed It, complete with a well-crafted  proper specimen for comparison

Judges' Award

Entry: Little Big Leagues

Participants: Nancy Barr Schoenfeld, Esther Barr, Kurt Barr, Mike Barr, Craig Schoenfeld, Alex Schoenfeld

With all-star players such as Cotton Candy Jones, Crabcake Ripkin, Hot Dog Palmer, Nachos Dempsey, NS Pretzel Murray, the chefs of Little Big Leagues slid easily into the hearts of Small Foods judges and went home the victors of the coveted Judges’ Award. With incredible attention to detail – including a mini-scale Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the chefs transported attendees to one of Our Fair City’s crown jewels, in miniature.

Founders' Award

Entry: Farmette to Table


Dana Brenner, Emily Dolbin, Megan Welling, Joanna Meade and support by Todd Dolbin, Doug Rau, Mandi Ussa, Mark Malloy, Robyn Vance, and Ken Livi

The chefs of Farmette to Table presented a mini working farm tableau and fed attendees hearty-yet-tiny meals of finger-sized sandwiches on freshly baked bread - with homemade pickled tiny beans and pearl onions or cured pork - atop freshly cut micro-greens, straight from the farm’s mini-field.  Around back of the barn, visitors were served fresh mini apple cider donuts, tiny caramel apples, and homemade ice cream presented in hand-rolled mini waffle cones, frozen-to-order on the spot with liquid nitrogen.  Before departing the farm, visitors chose a mini-pumpkin, stuffed with delicious pumpkin bread, from  the pick-your-own tiny pumpkin patch and took a mug of warm apple cider, with or without special moonshine, for the road.

Blue Plate Special

Entry: Itty Bitty Bagel Brunch

Participant: Elyssa Siegel, Darlene Siegel, Nikki Weber, Richard Siegel, Rachel Showalter, Steven Showalter

The Itty Bitty Bagel Brunch transported attendees back to the days of the old-fashioned deli. The mini meal featured a bagel complete with cream cheese, lox, and a tomato slice and was served alongside  a piece of kugel, a creamy sweet noodle pudding. No deli meal is complete without a pickle spear, so chefs prepared tiny pickle slices to accompany the meal. A traditional teeny-yet-delicious black-and-white cookie completed the meal, along with a mini swig of Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda. A true deli delight! 

Kids' Competition

Entry: Edberg’s Bakery

Participants: Sylar Rosenberg, Grace Edwards, Samara Rosenberg


The kid chefs of Edberg’s bakery wowed attendees with a trio of homemade baked goods served on eco-friendly homemade paper plates: tiny chocolate whoopie pies with raspberry filling, mini cheesecakes, and home-baked rosemary bread wrapped and sealed with tiny EDBERG BAKERY stickers

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