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Golden Toothpick Award & Grand Prize

Entry: Panda Compressed

Patricipants: Abi Norwood, Ryan Norwood, Kaitlyn Peot, Erica Meninno

Panda Compressed is a play on American-Chinese take-out food that we all know by the iconic boxes. We added a Baltimore touch to our design by putting the Patterson Park Pagoda on our boxes. The food included a mini mug of oolong tea, General Tso chicken, vegetarian egg rolls, and teeny fortunes cookies with even tinier fortunes inside. Our goal was to create something quirky, unique, and tasty!


Yummo Award

Entry: Will You Mary Berry Me?

Paticipants:  Morgan Spaner, Emily Salinas, Pam Hugi, Sara Payne and Shanti Flagg  

Our food submissions are titled Pavlova Me Forever, a bite sized heart-shaped pavlova with homemade ginger whipped cream and fruit topping, and Very Saucy Victoria Sandwich, a tiny lemon Victoria sponge cake sandwich with homemade whipped cream and raspberry jam.


International Award

Entry: Martine's Polish Buffet

Participant: Martine Richards

A Polish buffet with tiny cups of borscht, vegan seitan kielbasa fried with onions and sauerkraut, and pan-fried pierogi with three different fillings -- potato and homemade twarog cheese, mushroom and sauerkraut, and lentil puree. Eaters customized their dishes with a mini toppings bar including dill, chives, fried onions, and sour cream.


Bright Idea

Entry: Winter Wonderland

Paticipants:  Dana Brenner, Cora Hofsetter, Daniel Viete, Grace Kim, Hannah Peters, Joanna Meade, and Robyn Vance


Winter Wonderland - a tiny gingerbread village of mini-chalets and A-frame cottages each adorned with whimsical icing, shiny sprinkled dots, a fondant tree, and a baby candied flamingo lawn ornament, in true Baltimore style.   All tucked into a snowy mini-mountain, your wintery retreat is complete with a small cup of cocoa. 


Bad Idea

#ForbiddenSnacks - Tide Pods

Participants: Blake Rose, Griffin Casey-Miller, Jessie Xander, and Jenny Revilla 


These "tiny tide pods," though tasting vaguely like soap and plastic, were nontoxic (unlike the real thing. Please don't eat tide pods). They were made from agar (a vegan gelatin), coconut cream, and cake decorating gel icing. 

Judges' Award

Entry: Tiny Penis Party

Participants: Melody Easton and Liz Prince

A mini-bachelorette party, complete tiny edible undies and vegan jello jigglers.


Blue Plate Special

Entry: Tiny TV Dinners

Participant: Sarah Bowen

Kids' Competition

Entry: Riverdale

Participants: Gigi & Delilah

A drive-in straight out of Riverdale, with miniature hamburgers, rootbeer floats and all the fixin's.

Tide Pods Made with Coconut Gelee

'Will You Mary Berry Me?'

Meringue Wreaths with Ginger Cream and Strawberry Topping

Panda Compressed

Winter Wonderland

Tiny TV Dinners

Kid's Competition Winners: Pop's Diner

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